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Japanese Patent JP6692067
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an agricultural temperature control system configured to increase the efficiency of energy required for heating the space for growing a plant body, the system being capable of suppressing a change in temperature due to sunlight and also adjusting the ambient humidity of the plant body.SOLUTION: According to the present invention, an agricultural temperature control system 10 comprises covers 11A and 11B, a heat supply device 12, and an adjustment device 13. The covers 11A and 11B are configured to cover a plant body 40 in a field 30. The heat supply device 12 supplies heat to the inside of a space surrounded by the covers 11A and 11B in a state where the covers 11A and 11B cover the plant body 40. The adjustment device 13 adjusts heat supplied from the heat supply device 12 to the inside of the space surrounded by the covers 11A and 11B. The covers 11A and 11B are deformable between a first state in which the plant body 40 is covered and a second state in which at least a part of the plant body 40 is exposed, and are not opened upward but opened downward in the first state.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Taomoto Akira
Masanori Ishiwata
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May 13, 2020
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March 09, 2016
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Panasonic ip Management Co., Ltd.
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A01G9/24; A01G7/00; A01G13/02
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Patent business corporation Hokuto patent office
Nishikawa Keisei
Takeshi Sakaguchi
Hidetoshi Kitade
Nakaishi Haruki