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Japanese Patent JP6703769
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To provide a mold reversing system that can carry out efficient separation and reversal when separating and reversing an upper mold from a mold set, for which mounting and support means for the mold set received by a mold reversing device from the outside can be omitted, and with which production costs can be reduced. Provided is a mold reversing system (S) having mold reversing device (1) for receiving, separating, and reversing 180 DEG a mold set (D), which includes an upper mold (D1) and a lower mold (D2), and a mold transport truck (70), the mold reversing device (1) being provided with: abase (10) having a pair of circular arc shaped rotating body support parts (11a, 11b) on both ends separated by a prescribed distance; a rotating body (20) that includes a pair of parallel rotating plates (20a, 20b) respectively supported so as to rotate freely on the pair of rotating body support parts (11a, 11b); a rotational drive mechanism (30) that can rotationally drive the rotating body (20); a top panel (50) provided in the upper part of the rotating body (20); a mold holding means (60) disposed raisably and lowerably on the lower side of the top panel (50) and capable of holding an upper mold or lower mold; and a mold raising and lowering means (62) provided on the top panel (50) and capable of driving the raising and lowering of the mold holding means (60). The mold transport truck (70) is constituted so as to be able to approach the mold receiving space (40) between the pair of rotating plates (20a, 20b) from a horizontal direction orthogonal to the center of the axis of rotation of the rotating body (20).

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June 03, 2020
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December 27, 2016
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B21D37/04; B21D37/14
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Toshio Okamura