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Japanese Patent JP6709264
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A method for manufacturing a stator of a waterproof motor includes disposing a first assembly (1) in a mold where the first assembly (1) includes a coil unit (11) wound around an iron core assembly (12), and filling the mold with a thermosetting plastic which forms a housing (2) after curing. The housing (2) houses the coil unit (11) and the iron core assembly (12). A recess (21) is formed at one end of the housing (2). The method further includes disposing a second assembly (3) in the recess (21) of the housing (2) where the second assembly (3) includes a circuit unit (31), and filling the recess (21) of the housing (2) with a waterproof glue (4) which envelopes the circuit unit (31) after curing. According to the above, the stator of the waterproof motor is formed.

Hong Ginju
Cai period Zhong
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June 10, 2020
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October 03, 2018
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Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co.,Ltd.
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H02K15/12; B29C33/12; B29C45/14; B29C45/26; B29C70/68; H01R39/00; H01R43/00; H02K5/08; H02K5/22
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Sumiko Shimosaka
Yusuke Uchikoshi
Kawanari Wataru

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