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Japanese Patent JP6710623
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electric transmission device of relative rotating part capable of stabilizing magnetic characteristics while circumventing impairment due to contact of a pair of magnetic elements, and assemblability is good.SOLUTION: An electric transmission device E includes a pair of magnetic elements 1A, 1B capable of relative rotation on the same axis center O. The magnetic elements 1A, 1B have cores 2A, 2B and coils 3A, 3B. The coil 3A and coil 3B are located radial inside and outside and coupled magnetically. In the coils 3A, 3B, a conductor is wound around the outer circumference of bobbins 4A, 4B concentric to the axis center O. The bobbins 4A, 4B have cylindrical parts 4aA, 4aB around which a conductor is wound, and disc shaped flanges 4bA, 4bB spreading from the axial end of the cylindrical parts 4aA, 4aB to the external diameter side. The flange 4bA of the bobbin 4A and the flange 4bB of the bobbin 4B are slidably in contact with each other on the axial direction contact surfaces 10a, 11a.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

Kayo Sakai
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June 17, 2020
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November 09, 2016
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ntn corporation
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H01F38/18; H01F38/14; H02J50/10
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Masashi Noda
Shuji Sugimoto

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