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Japanese Patent JP6716971
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a steering device with durability capable of smoothly performing relative rotation between rolling element screw parts and rolling element nuts even when reaching a state in which a gap between rolling elements aligned adjacent to each other is filled and the adjacent rolling elements abut on each other in a ball screw mechanism.SOLUTION: A steering device comprises a rack shaft 21, a ball screw mechanism 33, a motor, and a belt transmission mechanism 35. In the ball screw mechanism 33, a plurality of balls 38 are constituted of large diameter rolling elements 38a and small diameter rolling elements 38b. A gap between spiral raceways 39 in a radial direction differs in a circumferential direction according to a direction of tensile force of a toothed belt 35a, and when power P to be transmitted is a prescribed value P1 or less, only the large diameter ball 38a transmits the power P. When the power P to be transmitted exceeds the prescribed value P1, a prescribed diameter difference is set so that both the large diameter rolling element 38a and the small diameter rolling element 38b transmit the power P.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

Hirokazu Kondo
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July 01, 2020
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March 09, 2016
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JTEKT Corporation
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B62D5/04; F16H25/22; F16H25/24
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Kiichi Yamamoto
Kobayashi Osamu
Kimura Gunji

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