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Japanese Patent JP6737014
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Provided is an automatic teller machine which is provided with a counterfeit note vault inside of which a paper currency storage space for storing paper currency is formed, and a counterfeit vault mounting part whereupon the counterfeit vault is mounted and whereupon a closed mounting detection sensor for detecting mounting of the counterfeit vault is disposed. The counterfeit vault further comprises: a main body part in which an opening part through which the paper currency storage space is in communication with the outside is formed; a door part for closing or opening the opening part; and a sensor blocking plate which is formed on the door part and which is the object to be sensed by the closed mounting detection sensor. The closed mounting detection sensor is configured to sense the sensor blocking plate, which is disposed at a position at which it is possible for the closed mounting detection sensor to sense the same when the counterfeit vault is mounted on the counterfeit vault mounting part with the door part closing the opening part.

Junnosuke Kaneda
Kazuhiro Hosokawa
Asamura Masamitsu
Yuji Ota
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Publication Date:
August 05, 2020
Filing Date:
July 05, 2016
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Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
G07D11/12; G07D11/20; G07D11/40
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Okuda Koichi