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Japanese Patent JP6737015
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a commercial item carry-out device of an automatic vending machine that enables an effective length of a commercial item column to be elongated by reducing dead space as quickly as possible.SOLUTION: A commercial item carry-out device 5 comprises: a pedal member 52 and a stopper member 53 that are disposed in the vicinity of a commercial item carry-out port 45 in a slanted commercial item storage shelf 10 and alternately move in and back to a commercial item column 43. The pedal member 52 is configured to have an irregular shape hole 523 allowing the pedal member 52 to move in and back to the commercial item column 43 in conjunction with a rear part link pin 55 moving in forward and backward directions formed at a portion in a direction opposite a holding part 521 across a rotary shaft 57, so that the rear part link pin 55 can be arranged movably in the forward and backward directions in such a manner that a trajectory of a moving route of the pedal member goes across the rotary shaft 57 in a three-dimensional way. Accordingly, by a part where the trajectory goes across the rotary shaft, dead space between the rotary shaft 57 pivotally supporting the pedal member 52 and a rear end of the commercial item storage shelf 10 is reduced to thereby elongate an effective length of the commercial item column 43.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 21A

Tsutomu Iwako
Katsuhiko Fukuda
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Publication Date:
August 05, 2020
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July 06, 2016
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Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
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G07F11/30; B65G59/00; B65G59/06
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Akira Sakamoto