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Japanese Patent JP6738620
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A latch locking device 10 provided with, in a lock case 11, 21 incorporated into a door 2, a latch member 30 that is freely displaceable in the width direction of the door and one end 31 of which appears and disappears in the width direction of the door, and a lock mechanism 40 that prevents the latch member placed in a protruding state from moving in the retracting direction while in a locked state, wherein: the lock mechanism has a configuration in which the locked state is caused by a lock piece 45 that is displaceable in the vertical direction and is moved toward the bottom being disposed between the other end 32 in the width direction of the door of the latch member in the protruding state and a back-side inner wall 18, 28 facing the door-front side of the lock case opposite to the other end; and the lock case has a configuration in which a first case 11 and a second case 21 that are made of resin, that are held so that the lock mechanism is sandwiched between both ends in the door thickness direction, and that are divided in the door thickness direction, are joined by engaging with each other, and the lock case comprises a drop prevention barrier 29 that inhibits movement of the lock mechanism in the downward direction when the first case and the second case are deformed so that the holding of the lock mechanism is released.

Keita Onodera
Akihiro Nakamura
Yasuo Nishi
Ryo Tsutsui
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Publication Date:
August 12, 2020
Filing Date:
March 11, 2016
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West Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
E05B9/02; E05B55/04
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Kyomei International Patent Service Corporation
Hiroyuki Nakai
Okumura Kimitoshi
Shuko Okimoto