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Japanese Patent JP6758045
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Devices and methods for performing in vitro fertilization (“IVF”) and maximizing successful fertilization rates by optimizing the fluid flow conditions under which zygotes are transferred from growth medium to the uterine wall. The apparatus has a control unit with an external port and an internal pump for creating positive and negative fluid pressure at the port. A flexible extension hose connects the port to an inter-uterine catheter assembly. The catheter assembly has an inner catheter and an outer sheath surrounding the inner catheter. The control unit includes a programmable microprocessor that accepts input commands and controls operation of the pump. Optionally, the control unit has remote control means for activating, de-activating, and reversing the flow of the pump. The control unit can be programmed to repeatedly provide the same aspiration and expulsion flow conditions through the catheter assembly. The control unit may also be programmed to provide a defined sequence of aspiration and expulsion fluid flow conditions through the catheter assembly. The control unit may include an internal memory that records the fluid flow conditions through the catheter assembly during each step of the IVF procedure. By recording the fluid conditions during an IVF procedure and counting the number of zygotes that successfully develop into embryos under those conditions, a statistical analysis is performed to determine the optimum fluid flow conditions for an IVF procedure.

Drummond, Michael, Yi.
Ditrorio, Nicholas, M.
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September 23, 2020
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December 18, 2013
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A61B17/425; A61B17/42
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Nobuyuki Iida
Kazuhiko Iida