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Japanese Patent JP6760354
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To provide a table with a vertically moving top board, which can prevent an adjacent top board from interfering during vertical operation by surely maintaining a space between top boards of a plurality of tables that are arranged adjacently in lateral direction, in a table with a vertically moving top board having a structure in which leg bodies arranged on both sides vertically movably support movable legs relative to fixed legs, and making the height of the top board adjustable which is supported on the upper ends of both movable legs.SOLUTION: In the table with a vertically moving top board, leg bodies 1 arranged on both sides have a structure in which movable legs 10 are vertically movably supported relative to fixed legs 9, and the height of the top board 2 is made adjustable which is supported on the upper end of both movable legs. The grounding legs 17 of the fixed legs extend in front and in the rear. At least in the front and the rear part of the grounding legs, there is installed an abutment part 19 that is in a plane view set projecting laterally from the side end edge 18 of the top board.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

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September 23, 2020
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November 26, 2018
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Itoki Co., Ltd.
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A47B91/00; A47B9/20; A47B13/00; A47B13/02; A47B17/04
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Takao Yanagino
Norio Morioka
Sekiguchi Hisayu
Masato Nakagawa