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Japanese Patent JP6767821
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Provided is an operating device that are excellent in operability without causing deformation of an insertion portion through which an operation portion is inserted even when placed in a high-temperature environment in a manufacturing process, and a bearing manufacturing method. Cut marks (25a, 25b) of a gate portion (71) and an overflow portion (73) generated when a fixed mold portion (53) and amovable mold portion (55) are separated are provided on the outer peripheral surface (23) of the insertion portion (21) and disposed on an outer surface. By forming the shape of the cut mark (25a, 25b) on the outer peripheral surface (23) of the insertion part (21), the gate portion (71) is provided at the position of the insertion portion (21) formed in an inner cavity (61) during a manufacturingprocess of die casting, and air bubbles and oxides are less likely to accumulate in the insertion portion (21).

Kazuya Sasaki
Katsuya Saijo
Katsuhiko Horio
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Publication Date:
October 14, 2020
Filing Date:
September 14, 2016
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Alps Alpine Co., Ltd.
Horio Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
H01H19/20; B22C9/06; B22D17/22; H01H11/00
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Masahiro Matsushita
野▲崎▼ 照夫
Katsuyuki Okubo