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Japanese Patent JP6795008
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To provide a production device and method for a steel sheet pile capable of properly inhibiting bend of a steel sheet pile after finish rolling.SOLUTION: A production device for a steel sheet pile is equipped with: a bend measuring apparatus 10 which is installed at the outlet side of a finish rolling machine 5 and measures a bend curvature along the long direction of a rolled material which is rolled by the rolling machine 5 in a rolling draft based on the leveling amount set by a leveling amount setting part 91; a leveling amount correction part 92 calculating a leveling amount correction value for decreasing the curvature by correcting the leveling amount set by the setting part 91 on the basis of the curvature measured by the bend measuring apparatus 10; and a rolling draft control part 93 controlling a rolling draft unit DP5 of the rolling machine 5 so that rolling by the rolling machine 5 is carried out in the rolling draft based on the leveling amount correction value calculated by the leveling amount correction part 92.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Hiroto Goto
Yukio Takashima
Kazuyuki Hoashi
Taniguchi Ryuma
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Publication Date:
December 02, 2020
Filing Date:
April 27, 2018
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jfe Steel Corporation
International Classes:
B21B37/58; B21B1/082; B21C51/00
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Tetsuya Mori
Hide Tanaka Tetsu
Ichi Hirose
Toru Miyasaka