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Japanese Patent JP6804899
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a display controller, a method for control, and a control program which can display information on a position which is highly likely to be a user's destination.SOLUTION: The display controller calculates an evaluation value for a plurality of points based on history information on the points, tallies up the evaluation values for each area of the points, and causes information on an area of which tallied evaluation value satisfies a first criterion to be displayed in a display unit. The manner of displaying information on a special area may be different between when a current position is in the area and when it is outside the area.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 8

Shota Sato
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Publication Date:
December 23, 2020
Filing Date:
August 29, 2016
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Pioneer Corporation
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G01C21/26; G09B29/00; G09B29/10; G09G5/00
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Patent Business Corporation Intect International Patent Office
Kazuyuki Oku