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Japanese Patent JP6814367
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To provide a detergent concentration sensor for a dry cleaning machine capable of improving the measurement accuracy of the concentration of a dry soap.SOLUTION: A concentration sensor 1 includes an outer electrode 21, an inner electrode 22 disposed in the outer electrode 21, a connection member 24 disposed in the outer electrode 21 to hold the outer electrode 21 and the inner electrode 22, a hollow-shaped holder part 3 having a bottom, the holder part 3 being configured that the bottom forms a joint surface S2 brought into contact with the outer electrode 21 and the connection member 24 to be flush, and a lid body 32 having a joint surface S4 brought into contact with the holder part 3 to be flush. An internal space SP1 with a dry cleaning liquid flowed thereinto through an opening OP of the outer electrode 21 is formed by an inner peripheral surface of the outer electrode 21, an outer peripheral surface of the inner electrode 22 and an end surface 247 of the connection member 24, and a seal member 315 for sealing an internal space SP2 in a liquid-tight manner is provided between the inner periphery of the inner electrode 22 and an other outer periphery of the connection member 24.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Sakaguchi Masayoshi
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January 20, 2021
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January 16, 2019
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Wise Plant Co., Ltd.
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G01N27/07; D06F43/00
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Yuichi Tatsumi