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Japanese Patent JP6825941
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a vehicle seat pad capable of retaining comfortable cushioning property while being further decreased in an occupancy of a front layer pad, and enabling further weight saving.SOLUTION: A vehicle seat pad 1 in which an abutting surface part 41 at a side on which at least an occupant is abutted is formed from a soft polyurethane foam compact includes: an outer core body 2 having as the main constituent a primary part 2A of a bead foam compact and molded in an annular shape having a projecting loophole 20; an inner core body 3 comprising a block-like bead foam compact, and arranged by interposing an annular gap ε in the projecting loophole 20; and a front layer pad 4 having the abutting surface part 41 at a design surface 4a side by making a soft polyurethane foam compact in which the inner core body 3 and the outer core body 2 are integrally buried by burying the annular gap ε by a soft polyurethane foam molding part 44. A rear face 32 of the inner core body 3 is recessed to a surface 31 side more than a rear face 22 of the outer core body 2, and the inner core body 3 becomes movable to the rear face 32 side by external force from the abutting surface part 41 side.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

Inukai Yoshihiro
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February 03, 2021
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March 06, 2017
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Inoac Corporation
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Yoshinobu Kobayashi