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Japanese Patent JP6827448
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To provide a bulk palletizer capable of surely separating separate sheets from each other, and a sticking prevention method of separate sheet in the bulk palletizer.SOLUTION: A bulk palletizer 1 comprises: a container conveying part for loading a plurality of containers 100 on a pallet; and a sheet conveying part 3 for loading a rectangular separate sheet S1 conveyed from a sheet storage part 2 on the plurality of containers 100. The sheet conveying part 3 is provided with: a lifting mechanism 8 for lifting only one operation pad 9 out of four suction pads 6 for sucking near corner parts of the separate sheet S1; and a sheet pressing member 10 movable forward/backward, and brought into contact with a top surface of the separate sheet S1 of the uppermost stage sucked by the one operation pad 9 lifted by the lifting mechanism 8 to separate from another separate sheet S2 of the lower side.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

Nobuhiko Watanabe
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February 10, 2021
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August 01, 2018
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Japan Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd.
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B65H3/54; B65G57/00; B65G57/04; B65G59/04; B65H5/08
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Isao Tanaka