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Japanese Patent JP6829851
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Proposed is a method for producing a film substrate, by which a film substrate is produced by forming a film on a substrate, said film being capable of operating at high temperatures, by mixing a powder of a ferroelectric body and a sol-gel solution of a dielectric body with each other. According to the present invention, a film substrate is produced by forming a film on a substrate using a mixture of a powder and a sol-gel solution. The powder is composed of CaBi2Ta2O9. The mixture of a powder and a sol-gel solution is a mixture of a CaBi4Ti4O15 powder and a sol-gel solution of Bi4Ti3O12 and/or (Ba, Sr)TiO3. Consequently, a high sound wave transducer or a pressure sensitive sensor, which operates properly at 700°C and even at extremely high temperatures exceeding 800°C, is able to be produced. In addition, according to the present invention, polarization is able to be performed at, for example, 400°C or even around room temperature.

Makiko Kobayashi
Nakatsuma Kei
Masayuki Tanabe
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Publication Date:
February 17, 2021
Filing Date:
April 25, 2018
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Kumamoto University
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H01L41/318; H01L21/316; H01L41/113; H01L41/187; H01L41/257; H04R17/00; H04R31/00
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Shoji Hadachi