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Japanese Patent JP6833087
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To provide a refrigerator which enables reduction of a wasted space.SOLUTION: A refrigerator includes: a unit member which has a surface member, a circuit board provided on the rear surface side of the surface member, and a substrate housing part provided at the rear surface side of the circuit board and houses the circuit board; and a heat insulation box in which at least a vacuum heat insulation material serving as a heat insulation material is provided between an inner box and an outer box and the unit member is disposed on at least one of left and right side surfaces of the inner box. The side surface which faces the vacuum heat insulation material and the outer box and on which the unit member is disposed has an inclined surface which inclines toward a side surface plate of the outer box from the back surface side to the front surface side. In a case that the unit member is disposed on the left/right side surface of the inner box, a dimension that the unit member protrudes from the side surface to the right/left side is larger at the front surface side than at the back surface side.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 12

Tsubuhisa Masayasu
Takashi Uchiyama
Chinori Nakakohara
Kaden Yohei
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February 24, 2021
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February 28, 2020
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Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.
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F25D29/00; F25D23/06; F25D23/08
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Yuji Toda

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