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Japanese Patent JP6855979
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A storage rack includes: a plurality of supporting pillars and a platform on which an object to be stored is to be placed. The platform includes a platform body, and a pair of attachment plates each having a plate shape. A pair of surfaces that face each other of a pair of supporting pillars are respectively provided with a pair of recessed grooves into which the pair of attachment plates are inserted. Each recessed groove includes a groove-side abutting portion that extends linearly in a direction orthogonal to the left-right direction. An outer edge of the attachment plate includes a plate-side abutting portion that is parallel with the groove-side abutting portion. The platform is fixed to the pair of supporting pillars such that the plate-side abutting portion abuts against the groove-side abutting portion.

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Takeshi Abe
Tadahiro Yoshimoto
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Publication Date:
April 07, 2021
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August 24, 2017
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Daifuku Co., Ltd.
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B65G1/14; A47B57/08; A47B81/00; H01L21/673
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