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Japanese Patent JP6857395
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To provide a washing device that can efficiently wash the entire from the bottom to a mouth part of a container even if a washing object container is the container of an upper-constricted shape, and further, a washing length in the bottom washing of the container can be adjusted freely while simplifying a displacement prevention structure of a washing body.SOLUTION: A washing device includes a handle A with a washing holding part 3 formed in the tip of a grip body part 2, and a washing body B of a tubular shape or a bag shape externally mounted to the washing holding part 3 detachably. A base end side part of the washing holding part 3 of the handle A is bent and formed twice while the grip body part 2 and the tip side part of the washing holding part 3 become parallel or substantially parallel. A gap part 4 for permitting the bend of the tip part B1a of the washing body B is formed between the tip of the washing holding part 3 and the tip of the washing body B externally mounted with a regular mounting posture to this. A mounting mouth part 20 of the base end side of the washing body B is arranged in a region with a large moving resistance in the handle longitudinal direction exceeding at least a tip side bending part 30a of the washing holding part 3.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 4

The fence one
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April 14, 2021
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June 30, 2017
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Aisen Co., Ltd.
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A47L17/00; B08B1/00; B08B9/087
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Masahiro Miyaji