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Japanese Patent JP6886044
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Provided is a sheet supply device capable of reliably joining sheets by accurately transmitting force for joining the sheets. A joining mechanism (4) includes a pressing roller (4e) that presses a sheet of a supply side roll (Rl) against the outer peripheral surface of a standby side roll (R2); and a moving unit (4e) that supports the pressing roller (4e) such that the pressing roller (4e) is configured to approach and move away from the standby side roll (R2) supported by a support shaft (3d) disposed at a splice position in the radial direction of the standby side roll (R2). The moving unit (4) supports the pressing roller (4e) such that the center of the pressing roller (4e) is movable on a straight line passing through the center of a rotation shaft (3a) and the center of the support shaft (3d) disposed at the splice position.

Etsuro Tsujimoto
Fujita Hideo
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Publication Date:
June 16, 2021
Filing Date:
November 29, 2018
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Mizuko Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
B65H21/00; B65H19/18
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Masataka Otani
Etsushi Kotani
Atsushi Yamamoto