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Japanese Patent JP6909839
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To provide a saddle ride-type vehicle supporting a water pump unit on a vehicle body with a supporting structure capable of suppressing vibration.SOLUTION: In a saddle ride-type vehicle (1) having an engine (E) mounted on a vehicle body as a power source, and an electric water pump unit (U) for pressure-feeding cooling water to the engine (E) by motor driving force, supporting portions (59, 92) for supporting the water pump unit (U) at a vehicle body side, are disposed at both sides of a rotating shaft (73) in a direction of an extension line of the rotating shaft (73) of the water pump unit (U) in a side view of a vehicle body. The rotating shaft (73) is directed to a longitudinal direction in the side view of the vehicle body. The supporting portions (59, 92) are composed of a front supporting portion (92) positioned at a front side with respect to the rotating shaft (73), and a rear supporting portion (59) positioned at a rear side with respect to the rotating shaft (73). The rear supporting portion (59) is disposed on a rear end of a motor portion (72) and positioned on an extension line of an axis (74) of the rotating shaft (73) in the side view of the vehicle body side.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 9

Kohei Omori
Atsushi Hariu
Hiroyuki Sugiura
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July 28, 2021
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September 30, 2019
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Honda motor industry stock company
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F01P5/10; B62M7/02; F02B61/02
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Kiyotaka Sakamoto
Sanji Tanabe