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Japanese Patent JP6972372
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The present invention provides a shaped-film manufacturing method and a use thereof, the method including: a first step in which a functional shape is imparted to a curable resin layer provided on a support body; a second step in which the curable resin layer having the functional shape imparted thereto is cured, thus forming a layered product including the support body and a cured layer having the functional shape and provided on the support body; a third step in which collimated light is made incident on the cured layer to form, on a preliminarily prepared projection plane, a projected pattern with projection light based on the functional shape and having passed through the cured layer, and the thus-formed projected pattern and an alignment pattern provided in a two-dimensional coordinate system in the projection plane are compared; a fourth step in which the position of the layered product is adjusted by moving at least one of the layered product and a cutting apparatus for cutting the layered product on the basis of the amount of misalignment obtained by comparison; and a fifth step in which, after the movement in the fourth step, the layered product is cut along the projected pattern.

Aki Ochiai
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Publication Date:
November 24, 2021
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August 26, 2019
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FUJIFILM Corporation
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B29D7/01; B29C59/04
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Patent Service Corporation Taiyo International Patent Office