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インターレースされたFDM DMRSのためのコム適応
Document Type and Number:
Japanese Patent JP6976316
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Comb adaptation for interlaced frequency division multiplex (IFDM) demodulation reference signals (DMRS) is discussed. Transmission configuration for DMRS may be assigned to UEs with a coded combination of cyclic shift, orthogonal cover code, OCC, and a comb value. Some assigned combinations provide for a different comb value to be used for the different slots in the same subframe. Further aspects provide additional interference randomization through comb shifting, using inter-subframe hopping functions.

Chao Wei
Wanshi Chen
Peter girl
Application Number:
Publication Date:
December 08, 2021
Filing Date:
March 24, 2017
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Qualcomm, Inc.
International Classes:
H04W28/16; H04B7/0413; H04B7/06; H04L27/26; H04W16/28; H04W72/04
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Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Yasuhiko Murayama
Kuroda Shinpei