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Japanese Patent JP6981062
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To provide a color processing apparatus that, when outputting a print with second image forming means in the same color as that of a print output from first image forming means, can prevent misregistration from color data of the print output from the first image forming means even when image data used for outputting a print is edited and changed.SOLUTION: A color processing unit 94 of a color processing apparatus comprises: a color data acquisition unit 942 that acquires color data of a first image output from first image forming means on the basis of image data; an unevenness acquisition unit 943 that acquires the degree of unevenness in color of the image data; and a misregistration acquisition unit 944 that acquires a difference in color feature quantity between the image data and color data in an area with larger color unevenness, excludes an inappropriate area from the acquired difference in color feature quantity, and estimates the amount of misregistration between the image data and color data in an area with smaller color unevenness from the amount of misregistration in the area after the exclusion.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 5

Jungo Harugai
Yoshitaka Kuwata
Touhou Ryosuke
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December 15, 2021
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June 28, 2017
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Fuji Xerox Business Innovation Co., Ltd.
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G06T7/33; G06T7/90
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Jiro Kobe
Fumio Ogata
Takehiko Sunada