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Japanese Patent JP6991723
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a liquid crystal display device capable of achieving both responsiveness and brightness of liquid crystal display, and a method for controlling the device.SOLUTION: The liquid crystal display device includes: a first substrate and a second substrate opposing to each other and interposing a liquid crystal layer 11; an alignment film 13a for aligning liquid crystal molecules of the liquid crystal layer 11 on the second substrate side with a relatively intense anchoring energy as well as for aligning the liquid crystal molecules of the liquid crystal layer 11 on the first substrate side with a weak anchoring energy; a drive electrode 10a disposed on the first substrate 12a; and an auxiliary electrode 10b disposed on the second substrate 12b. The liquid crystal display device controls display by applying a voltage to the drive electrode 10a so as to generate a lateral electric field parallel to the plane of the liquid crystal layer 11, in which upon turning off the voltage of the drive electrode 10a, the voltage of the auxiliary electrode 10b is turned on.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Adachi Isao
Osamu Sato
Kawamura Joji
Maeda Tsuyoshi
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January 12, 2022
Filing Date:
March 07, 2017
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LG Display Company Limited
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G02F1/1337; G02F1/1343; G02F1/1362
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Koji Yoshizawa
Haruhiko Mimura
Tomoki Kubota
Hiroshi Okabe