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Japanese Patent JP7018799
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To realize a steel earth retaining material that enables easier drainage than water pit drainage and water collecting method using steel earth retaining material.SOLUTION: A water collecting portion 30 is provided for collecting spring water derived from a shaft wall W side through a small hole 10 formed in a steel earth retaining material 100 on the other surface of the steel earth retaining material 100 installed with one surface facing the shaft wall W of a shaft. If the spring water guided through a water collecting pipe 50 inserted through the small hole 10 of the steel earth retaining material 100 and embedded in the shaft wall W is stored in the water collecting portion 30, the spring water collected in the water collecting portion 30 can be drained to the ground by a pump or the like. Such drainage treatment can prevent spring water from accumulating at the bottom of the shaft, so that it is not necessary to create a water pit at the bottom of the shaft or to recreate it so as to adjust the position of the water pit, so that the shaft can be suitably dug.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Shinichiro Nozawa
Satoshi Takizawa
Seiji Ishibashi
Futoshi Kawamura
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Publication Date:
February 14, 2022
Filing Date:
March 29, 2018
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East Japan Railway Company
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E21D5/10; E02D17/08; E21D11/20
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Gwangyang International Patent Office