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Japanese Patent JP7110519
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To provide furniture with a flap top plate in which the braking conditions of legs can be canceled temporarily while avoiding the confusion of an operation part.SOLUTION: Furniture T with a flap top plate includes: legs 1A, 1B capable of selectively adopting the braking condition where the movement is restricted or the non-braking condition where the movement is permitted; a top plate 2 supported by the legs 1A, 1B and capable of flap operation from a use posture (U) to a flip-up posture; and a flap motion operation part 630 for performing the flap operation of the top plate 2. When the top plate 2 is in the use posture (U), the legs 1A, 1B are made to be in the braking condition, the temporarily-releasing operation parts 7A, 7B for temporarily releasing the braking condition to assume the non-braking condition are provided in the top plate 2, and the temporarily releasing operation parts 7A, 7B adopt a configuration being a button type unlike the flap motion operation part 630.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Jun Matsuoka
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August 02, 2022
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September 29, 2017
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KOKUYO Co., Ltd.
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A47B3/08; A47B91/06; B60B33/00
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Kazuhiro Akazawa

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