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Japanese Patent JP7137956
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To provide a steamer which can reduce a burden on a user's wrist, can uniformly apply steam to a target fabric, and can save cost and the number of components.SOLUTION: A steamer according to the present embodiment comprises: a steamer body 1 having steam jetting holes 12c for jetting steam; and a stand 2 on which the steamer body 1 is placed. The steam jetted from the steam jetting holes 12c reaches a part under the stand 2. As a result, when the steam is jetted at some distance, it is not necessary to lift the steamer body 1, so that a burden on a user's wrist can be reduced. Further, a distance at which the steam is jetted to a clothing fabric can be made constant, so that the steam can be uniformly applied to the fabric. Since such functions are imparted to the stand 2, it is not necessary to add a new accessory. Thus, cost and the number of components can be saved.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Takagi Hitoshi
Masato Kuribayashi
Hirofumi Kasahara
Kazuya Miyake
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Publication Date:
September 15, 2022
Filing Date:
April 12, 2018
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Toshiba Home Technology Co., Ltd.
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D06F75/40; D06F75/10
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Ushiki International Patent Office
Ushiki Mamoru
Tomoyuki Takahashi
Yusuke Kato

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