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Japanese Patent JP7155453
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Provided is a method for removing a linear object, a device for removing a linear object, and a method for processing electronic/electrical equipment component waste, which can improve separation efficiency. The method for removing linear objects including: arranging a plurality of filters 3 in a vibrating sieve machine 1 such that the filters 3 are adjacent to each other so as to partially overlap with each other in a feed direction of a raw material, each of the filters 3 comprising a plurality of rods 2 extending at distances in the feed direction of the raw material and a beam portion 21 supporting the plurality of rods 1 at one ends of the plurality of the rods 2, the other ends of the plurality of the rods 2 being free ends; arranging a guide 6 below a tip of one of the filters 3 located on a most downstream side in the feed direction; feeding the raw material containing at least linear objects and plate-form objects into the vibrating sieve machine 1; and sorting the linear objects and the plate-form objects by vibrating the filters 3, sieving the linear objects to an under-sieve side of the vibrating sieve machine 1, and capturing lumpy linear objects with the guide.

Katsushi Aoki
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October 18, 2022
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March 03, 2021
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JX Nippon Mining & Metals Co., Ltd.
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B07B1/12; B09B3/30
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Axis International Patent Business Corporation