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Japanese Patent JP7208481
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To provide a manufacturing method of a delamination container.SOLUTION: A manufacturing method of a delamination container including a container body having an outer shell and an inner bag, includes a container body molding step and a preliminary peeling step. In the container body molding step, a container body is formed by molding resin, and in the preliminary peeling step, the inner bag is peeled from the outer shell by pressing and denting a trunk part of the container body by a plurality of pressing elements. Each of the pressing elements includes contact parts which come into contact with the trunk part when pressing. The plurality of pressing elements are arranged in such a manner that the contact parts are separated in the circumferential direction of the trunk part. Pressing is performed by reducing the radius of a minimum circle, which is the smallest circle including the plurality of contact parts.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Kosuke Aihara
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Publication Date:
January 19, 2023
Filing Date:
October 30, 2018
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Kyoraku Co., Ltd.
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B65D1/02; B29C49/04; B65D1/00
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SK Patent Attorney Corporation
Akihiko Okuno
Hiroyuki Ito