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Japanese Patent JP7219062
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To catch signs of a degradation state and abnormality and detect abnormality of a vehicular door closing device so as to reduce the cost required for maintenance.SOLUTION: The abnormality detection method of the vehicular door closing device uses an abnormality detection system that includes data collection means for collecting detection data from means for detecting an operation state of the door closing device and data processing means for processing the collected data and determining the presence/absence of abnormality of the device. The data collection means collects a signal from opening/closing operation means and a position of a door and a driving current value of driving means, which are detected by state detection means until a predetermined time lapses after the signal of the opening/closing operation means is varied. The data processing means calculates an operation feature amount based on a definition file from the data collected by the data collection means, determines whether or not the calculated operation feature amount is larger than a preset threshold, and transmits the presence of the abnormality of the door closing device when the data processing means determines that the calculated operation feature amount is larger than the threshold.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 9

Hori Keiji
Go Akaogi
Hideki Sato
Osamu Omichi
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February 07, 2023
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November 22, 2018
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East Japan Railway Company
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B61L25/04; B60L1/00; B60L3/00; B61D19/02; E05F15/41; E05F15/48; E05F15/73
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Koyo International Patent Office

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