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Japanese Patent JP7232097
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To provide a freeze-drying method and a freeze-drying device, capable of freezing a liquid object to be dried, reliably by a self-freezing method.SOLUTION: A freeze-drying method includes: a freezing step of setting a container 4 filled with a liquid object to be dried S, in a freeze-drying chamber 1 to which a vacuum pump 3 is connected, and then freezing the object to be dried; and a drying step of drying the frozen object to be dried under reduced pressure. The freezing step includes: a first step of supercooling the liquid object to be dried under atmospheric pressure through heat transmission from a tray; and a second step of self-freezing the object to be dried supercooled by decompressing the inside of the freeze-drying chamber. In the second step, partial pressure of a predetermined gas generated during the decompression is measured, and while controlling a discharge velocity of the freeze-drying chamber by the vacuum pump so that the partial pressure is kept within a predetermined range, the inside of the freeze-drying chamber is decompressed to form a core Sn on a sublimation surface S1 of the object to be dried in the container, and the inside of the freeze-drying chamber is further decompressed to lower pressure to self-freeze the object to be dried.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

Takumi Komiya
Katsunori Iwasaki
Tsuyoshi Yoshimoto
Hiroshi Shimokawa
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March 02, 2023
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March 26, 2019
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F26B5/06; F26B21/00
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Seika Patent Attorney Corporation

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