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Japanese Patent JPH04500180
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The invention refers to a method and an apparatus for producing three-dimensional objects by using a converting machine, which is controlled by computer instructions. The material consists of a number of sheet- or disc-shaped sections (16). On the flat side of each section (16) at least one electrode (17a, 17b; 42, 43) is placed, and an electric voltage is impressed thereon sufficient to cause a breakover between the electrodes. Parts or particles of material located opposed to the electrodes are thus removed from or connected with the respective section (16). The treated sections are integrated layer by layer in a programmed sequence forming said three-dimensional object.

Ralson, Ralph
Larson, Auve
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Publication Date:
January 16, 1992
Filing Date:
August 18, 1989
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Spax Activolag
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B44B1/02; B23H1/04; B23P15/24; B26F3/00; B29C67/00; B29C67/02; B29C69/00; B29C70/30; B44B1/00; B44C3/02; G03C9/08; G03F7/00; G05B19/41; (IPC1-7): B26F3/00; B29C67/00; B44B1/02; B44C3/02
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Shigeru Yagita (3 outside)

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