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Japanese Patent JPH04505222
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A multicolor electrostatic imaging system has multicolor spray apparatus (120) for supplying a liquid toner of a selectable color to an electrostatic image. The spray means (120) has a multiplicity of spray outlets including a plurality of spray outlets distributed among the multiplicity of outlets, for supplying liquid toner of each of a plurality of colors. The apparatus utilizes a reverse development roller (17) and the spray apparatus (120) supplies the liquid developer to the region at which the reverse roller (17) leaves the development region. A common charge director supply means (204) supplies charge director to the surface of the reverse development roller (17) for maintaining the charge level in the individual liquid developer reservoir (40,42,44,46).

Randa, Benzion
Rio, Ishaia
Labon, Amilan
Dunaire, Barnea
Takehiko Suzue (10 outside)
Levy, Uri
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Publication Date:
September 10, 1992
Filing Date:
May 14, 1990
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Spectrum Sciences Besloten Fuennaught Shap
International Classes:
G03G15/01; G03G15/10; (IPC1-7): G03G15/01; G03G15/10
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Akira Asamura (3 outside)

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