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Japanese Patent JPH04505337
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PCT No. PCT/EP90/00754 Sec. 371 Date Nov. 19, 1991 Sec. 102(e) Date Nov. 19, 1991 PCT Filed May 10, 1990 PCT Pub. No. WO90/14332 PCT Pub. Date Nov. 29, 1990.Mixtures of light colored bis(C8-C22 fatty acid) alkylene diamides, C8-C22 fatty acid esters, and, if desired, metal soaps of C8-C22 fatty acids can be obtained if, in a melt containing fatty acids with 8 to 22 carbon atoms, a part of the fatty acids are condensed to the corresponding fatty acid diamides with diamines of the general formula NH2-R-NH2, in which R is a straight chain, branched, or cyclic alkylene group with 2 to 12 carbon atoms; a part of the fatty acids are esterified with fatty alcohols with 8 to 22 carbon atoms and/or multifunctional alkanols with 2 to 15 carbon atoms and 2 to 6 hydroxyl groups; and, if desired, a part of the fatty acids are converted to the corresponding metal soaps with basic compounds of divalent metals. The condensation with the diamines is carried out before the esterification of the fatty acids with fatty alcohols and/or multifunctional alkanols. The mixtures so obtained can be used as additives in plastics.

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September 17, 1992
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May 10, 1990
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C07C51/41; C07C53/126; C07C67/08; C07C69/28; C07C69/30; C07C231/02; C07C233/36; C08K5/10; C08K5/20; C08L27/06; (IPC1-7): C08K5/20; C08L27/06