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Japanese Patent JPH0470980
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PURPOSE:To enhance the quality of the socket part of a molded flanged pipe joint by a method wherein a supporting means to support a short tube is inserted in the tube body of the short tube as a core so as to result in making the thickness of the tube body part, into which the core is inserted, uniform. CONSTITUTION:Firstly, a short tube P is softened by supplying heating fluid under extremely low pressure through the nozzle hole 8 of a movable mounting plate 2 into the short tube P. Secondly, a movable core 6 is shifted in the direction indicated by the arrow and stopped when its end reaches an inner mold 4. Thirdly, the movable mounting plate 2 is made to approach the inner mold 4 and at the same time low pressure heating fluid is supplied to the nozzle hole 8. As a result, the short tube P swells radially while the axial distance between the movable mounting plate 2 and the inner mold 4 being gradually reduced. In addition, by stopping the supply of the heating fluid together with the approaching of the movable mounting plate 2 to the inner mold 4, the radially swollen short tube P is folded in two so as to form a flange by closely contacting with each other.

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November 12, 1992
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July 12, 1985
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B29C49/18; B29C49/30; B29C49/48; B29C53/30; B29C57/00; B29C57/02; B29C57/08; F16L23/02; B29C49/00; B29L23/00