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Japanese Patent JPH05500619
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A work station system (20) comprises a frame substructure (24) for holding aloft a horizontal axial shaft (74). A chair (22) is coupled to the shaft (74) by chair coupling member (90); a device carriage (27) is coupled to the shaft (74) by a carriage coupling member (92); and a footrest assembly (28) is coupled to the shaft (74) by a footrest coupling member (94). The chair (22), device carriage (27), and footrest assembly (28) are coupled to the shaft (74) to selectively pivot together about the shaft (74), and in such a manner that a constant spatial relationship is maintained between the chair (22) and the device carriage (27). The chair (22) is swivelly connected to the chair coupling member (90). The frame substructure (24) is situated substantially entirely on one side of a perpendicular bisector (78) dropped from the shaft (74) to a base (50). The frame substructure (24) includes axis elevating means (34) for elevating the shaft (74). The axis elevating means (34) carries a support surface (248) which is accessible by a human operator.

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February 12, 1993
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June 15, 1990
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Workshop Environments, Inc.
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A47C1/00; A47B21/00; A47B21/03; A47B39/00; A47B83/02; A47C1/032; A47C7/50; A47C7/72; F16M11/06; F16M13/02; (IPC1-7): A47C1/00; A47C1/032; A47C7/50
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Heiyoshi Odashima

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