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Japanese Patent JPH05502207
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A paperboard laminate carbon for containing a liquid product. The innermost and outermost surfaces of the carton are coated with a polymer which is both liquid impermeable and heat sealable. One of the walls of the carton includes an aperture which is fitted with an improved one-piece plastic spout. The spout, prior to installation, includes one preformed flange which contacts one surface of the carton about an aperture in the carton wall. A truncated skirt having a maximum cross-section small enough to pass through the aperture in the carton wall without damaging either the skirt or the carton wall extends from one surface of the preformed flange. A second flange is formed from the truncated skirt after the skirt has been inserted through the aperture in the carton wall. Spout configurations which may be inserted from the exterior or the interior of the carton are disclosed. Because the flange which is formed from the truncated skirt exhibits a minimum cross-section greater than the maximum cross-section of the exterior portion of the spout, heat and pressure can be simultaneously applied to both the exterior and interior flanges in an area where the flanges coincide with one another without subjecting any other portions of the spout and/or resealable closure means to pressure. This permits easy and reliable simultaneous sealing of both flanges to the opposing surfaces of the carton wall in a single step.

Dark Thing, William Paul
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Publication Date:
April 22, 1993
Filing Date:
November 19, 1990
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G01N33/573; B29C65/02; B29C65/08; B29C65/56; B31B1/84; B65D5/74; B65D25/42; C07H19/10; C07H21/00; C12Q1/48; C12Q1/68; (IPC1-7): B65D5/74; B65D25/42
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Kazuo Sato (3 others)