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Japanese Patent JPH05503245
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In a centrifuge rotor having a separation chamber (9) and an upwardly open central inlet chamber (7) for a liquid mixture to be centrifugated, the inlet chamber (7) communicates with the separation chamber (9) through several inlet passages (14). For introduction of an additional liquid in the separation chamber (9) during rotor operation, which additional liquid has a density larger than that of the liquid present in the separation chamber (9), the rotor has a separate receiving chamber (16) confined centrally in the rotor and communicating with the separation chamber (9) through at least one channel (15) separate from said inlet passages (14). For avoiding that an emulsion is formed by the two different liquids, when additional liquid is introduced into the receiving chamber (16) through a stationary supply member (17), the walls delimiting the said channel (15) extend radially inwardly to a level inside the level, at which the liquid originally present in the rotor forms a free liquid surface in the channel (15). Thereby, the additional liquid will be brought to the same rotational speed as the rotor and the liquid present therein, before the two liquids get into contact with each other in the channel (15).

Robertson Iyosta
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Publication Date:
June 03, 1993
Filing Date:
October 07, 1991
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Alfaraval Separation Arbe
International Classes:
B04B1/14; B04B11/02; B04B11/06; (IPC1-7): B04B1/14; B04B11/02
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Wakabayashi Tadashi