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Japanese Patent JPH05503246
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A method for maintaining a flammable solvent in a nonflammable environment involves covering the flammable solvent with a nonflammable vapor blanket provided by a nonflammable solvent, such that vapors from the flammable and nonflammable solvents form a nonflammable gaseous mixture in the blanket. Such a method is used in removal of both oil-based and polar contaminants to control the flammability potential of an alcohol solvent. An apparatus for cleaning articles using fluorocarbon and alcohol solvents includes a chamber having a plurality of compartments for containing the solvents and a bounded vapor space. At least one of the compartments contains liquid fluorocarbon and at least one other will contain liquid alcohol. The solvents voltalize into the bounded vapor space to provide a nonflammable vapor blanket over the alcohol-containing compartment. Volatilized alcohol is mixed with the volatilized fluorocarbon to form a nonflammable mixture which is purified and separated, and the recovered fluorocarbon can be reused in subsequent cleaning operations.

Sluga, Robert, M
Watkins, Randolph, H
Fisher, Jerry, Dee
Berry, dennis, sea
Eldridge, Miro
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June 03, 1993
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October 10, 1991
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Baxter, International, Inc.
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B08B3/08; C23G5/04; H05K3/26; (IPC1-7): B08B3/08; C23G5/04
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Akaoka Mio

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