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Japanese Patent JPH06101143
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PURPOSE:To easily produce a flexible optical disk or the like having <=1.0mm thickness by superposing two sheets of laminated sheets formed by transferring rugged guide grooves and laminating an optical recording layer by light energy. CONSTITUTION:Two sheets of polyimide films having 300 deg.C thermal deformation temp. and 50mum thickness are brought into contact with each other by press rolls 2 and are passed in a soln. 3 prepd. by dissolving a polymethyl methacrylate having 85 deg.C thermal deformation temp. and 80,000 number average mol.wt. in a toluene, by which the polymethyl methacrylate is coated on both faces; thereafter, the toluene is evaporated in a heating furnace 4 and the polymethyl methacrylate layers having 50mum thickness are laminated thereon. Two sheets of such laminated sheets are formed. The laminated sheets are pressed under heating in a pressing section where stampers 12, 13 having ruggedness on the surface are respectively mounted to dies 10, 11. The guide grooves are thus transferred to the polymethyl methacrylate layers. The layers are cooled and solidified to the soln. 3. The sheets are then passed in a light absorptive dye soln. 14 and are separated by a separating roll 15 to two sheets. Two sheets of the thin type optical memory media are thereby obtd.

Arahara Kozo
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December 12, 1994
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February 15, 1986
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Canon Inc
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B05D1/20; B29C43/18; B29C43/20; B29D17/00; G11B7/26; B29L17/00; (IPC1-7): G11B7/26; B05D1/20; B29C43/18; B29C43/20; B29D17/00
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Wakabayashi Tadashi