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Japanese Patent JPH06510450
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A catheter (22) suitable for use in the thermal or photomediated treatment of body tissues, such as the prostate gland, dimensioned for insertion into the body and having thereon a balloon (26), the catheter (22) further comprising an inlet (28) and outlet (30) to the balloon (26) to allow pressurisation/inflation of said balloon (26) and the circulation of a cooling fluid (32) into and out of said balloon (26) to effect cooling of the outer surface thereof.

Mac Nicholas, Thomas A.
McCower, Joshua
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Publication Date:
November 24, 1994
Filing Date:
August 24, 1992
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American Medical Systems
International Classes:
A61B18/20; A61F2/84; A61F7/12; A61M25/00; A61M25/10; A61N5/02; A61N5/06; A61B17/00; A61B17/22; A61B17/34; A61B18/00; A61B18/22; A61B19/00; A61M3/02; A61M29/02; A61N5/00; A61N5/04; A61N5/067; (IPC1-7): A61F7/12; A61B17/36; A61M25/00; A61M29/02; A61N5/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Kyozo Yuasa (5 people outside)

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