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Japanese Patent JPH07112182
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An optical privacy communication system in optical fiber communications between many points is disclosed in which, each station is provided with a privacy circuit. Each privacy circuit comprises a first optical branch for connecting the station to first and second optical branches, a second optical branch for connecting the first and second optical branches to the optical fiber transmission line, an optical isolator inserted in the first optical branch, for passing only a signal of a direction from the first optical branch to the second optical branch, and an optical filter inserted in the second optical branch, for passing only an optical signal of a frequency assigned to the station, so that an optical privacy communication is carried out between the stations.

望月 清文
若林 博明
岩本 喜直
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November 29, 1995
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July 23, 1987
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H04J14/00; H04J14/02; H04B10/00; H04K1/00; (IPC1-7): H04J14/00; H04J14/02
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大塚 学 (外1名)