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Japanese Patent JPH07112811
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PURPOSE:To improve the burglar preventing effect by providing a switch member closed when a regular magnet key is inserted into the key cylinder lock of a vehicle, and operating a feed element essential to the operation of an engine with a power feed signal via the switch member as information. CONSTITUTION:When a regular magnet key 7 with multiple magnets g1, g2 on the upper piece section of a key main body 7a is inserted into the key hole 8 of a key cylinder lock 1, multiple magnet pin tumblers 9a, 9b stored across the inner hole of the outer tube member 2 and the inner tube member 5 of the key cylinder lock 1 are sprung up by the magnetic repulsion against a spring 10, and a magnetic sensitive switch 11 is closed. A power feed signal is sent from an on-vehicle battery 20 to an AND circuit 12 via the magnetic sensitive switch 11. When the magnet key 7 is rotated and a key switch 1A passes the on position, an output is generated from the AND circuit 12, and the control device 14 of an engine is set to the operation state.

Wake Seiyasu
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December 06, 1995
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December 15, 1989
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Miwa Lock Co., Ltd.
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E05B45/06; B60R25/04; B60R25/22; E05B47/00; E05B83/00; F02N15/10; (IPC1-7): B60R25/04; E05B45/06; E05B47/00; E05B65/12; F02N15/10
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Mitsuyasu Miura