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Japanese Patent JPH07120361
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PURPOSE:To correctly recognize respective types of symbols entered in a mechanical drawing under a contacted state on a leader line and to separate the symbols by providing a leader line extracting part, a base line deciding part, a contact symbol deciding and separating part, a non-isolated graphic data storing part, etc. CONSTITUTION:For data in a non-isolated graphic data storing part 10, the leader line connected to an arrow is extracted by an undefined arrow deciding means 111 and a leader line deciding means 112 of a leader line extracting part 11. Next, for the extracted leader line, its horizontal (vertical) base line is extracted at a base line deciding part 12, and after that, it is decided whether a segment at its open endpoint is oblique or not by an open endpoint segment deciding means 131 of a contact symbol deciding and separating part 13. When the segment is not oblique according to the result, the existence of the contact symbol at the middle part of the base line is decided by a base line middle part symbol deciding means 132, and when the segment is oblique, the symbol at the trailing end of the base line is decoded by a base line trailing end part symbol deciding means 133, and the decided symbol is separated and outputted to a symbol recognizing part 14. Namely, the symbols entered in the mechanical drawing under the contacted state on the leader line can be separated and extracted by using the base line information of the leader line.

Miwako Iwasaki
Yamamoto Masanari
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Publication Date:
December 20, 1995
Filing Date:
April 19, 1988
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International Classes:
G06F17/50; G06K9/20; (IPC1-7): G06F17/50; G06K9/20
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Kazuo Hosaka (3 outside)