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Japanese Patent JPH07120363
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PURPOSE:To improve interference check function by judging whether a surface to have a border ridgeline, which is coincident to crossing line, is in front or back of the other surface. CONSTITUTION:A housing means 111 to house stereoscopic shape data and a preparing means 113 to prepare a stereoscopic shape model on the basis of the data are provided. Then, a first calculating means 115 is provided to calculate the crossing line between a surface to constitute one surface and a surface to constitute the other surface. A second calculating means 117 is provided to calculate a directional vector toward the inside of the surface concerning the surface, in which the crossing line to be coincident to the border ridge line of the surface is generated, and a judging means 119 is provided to judge whether the surface to have the border ridge line to be coincident to the crossing line is in front or back of the other surface from the directional vector and information to show the surface of the other surface which does not have the border ridgeline to be coincident to the crossing line. Thus, a case that the two stereoscopic bodies are contacted mutually on an external surface can be distinguished from a case in the interference condition of design abnormality and the interference check function is improved.

赤塚 浩一
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Publication Date:
December 20, 1995
Filing Date:
August 11, 1988
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G06F17/50; (IPC1-7): G06F17/50
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古谷 史旺