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Japanese Patent JPH0723559
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A stamper cleaning apparatus comprises an electrocleaning tank for performing electrodegreasing, a washing room adjacent to this cleaning tank, a shower, disposed in the upper section of the washing room, for water-washing a stamper by spraying washing water onto the stamper while the stamper is positioned inside the washing room and is wet with an electrocleaning solution, a water drain tank, disposed in the lower section of the washing room, for collecting water after the stamper is washed with water and for draining the water, and a small drying room disposed in the upper section of the washing room for operating to heat and dry the stamper after the shower has operated during the predetermined time the stamper is held in the washing room.

Tokio Okabayashi
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Publication Date:
March 15, 1995
Filing Date:
June 12, 1989
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Daicel Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
B08B3/08; B08B11/02; B29C33/72; B29D17/00; C25F7/00; G11B7/26; (IPC1-7): C25F7/00; B08B3/08; C25F1/00; G11B7/26
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Shintaro Nogawa