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Japanese Patent JPH0736239
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An optical storage disk consists of a glass substrate (1) into which guide tracks (3) for servo-controlling the focussed light beams are directly stamped by a hot stamp process. After stamping, the glass substrate is thermally quenched in the stamping device to increase its breaking resistance through thermal curing. In order to achieve uniform guide tracks over the entire surface of an optical storage disk, flexible stamp stencils (35) in a flexible holder (34) are used whose curvature can be changed by applying hydro-static pressure. Suitable stamp stencils consist of monocristalline silicon disks with surface hardening, or of metal disks, structured in photolithographic processes. The stamp lands are made with bevelled edges to facilitate the separating of stamp and glass substrate after cooling.

Shouteiner, Double
Gresjuna, Jei
Tripzpel, Jee
Schmitt, Jee
Valter, Oh
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April 19, 1995
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May 27, 1988
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International Business Machines Corporation
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B29D17/00; G11B7/24; G11B7/253; G11B7/26; (IPC1-7): G11B7/26; B29D17/00; G11B7/24
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Jiro Yamamoto (1 person outside)

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