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Japanese Patent JPH07503041
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PCT No. PCT/GB93/00070 Sec. 371 Date Sep. 8, 1994 Sec. 102(e) Date Sep. 8, 1994 PCT Filed Jan. 14, 1993 PCT Pub. No. WO93/14265 PCT Pub. Date Jul. 22, 1993A method of coating porous webs wherein porous materials having a range of pore sizes are given desired characteristics by selective depostion in the large pores of particulate treatment agents. Thus some characteristics are achievable by control variation of pore size distribution (e.g. sample, uniformity, liquid filtration properties) while others depend on specific attributes of the treatment agents (e.g. response to calendaring, catalysis, security marking adhesion properties).

Alan Tarentair
Sinclair, Colin Samuel
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March 30, 1995
Filing Date:
January 14, 1993
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Rexxam Medical Packaging Limited
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B01D53/04; B01D39/08; B01D39/14; B01D53/14; B01D53/86; B01D67/00; B01D69/14; B01J20/28; B01J35/06; B01J37/02; B01J47/00; C04B38/00; D06L3/12; D06M23/06; D06M23/08; D06P1/00; D21H19/36; D21H21/14; D21H21/40; D21H27/08; (IPC1-7): D21H21/14; B01D39/14; B01D53/04; B01D53/14; B01D53/86; C04B38/00; D21H19/36
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Takashi Ishida (4 others)

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